Artist statement

I investigate man-made marks on the landscape and in the built environment. I explore their functions and materiality, how and why they have come to exist and how they have adapted over time. I like to seek new opportunities in their architecture, finding abstract nooks and places that lie outside of the frame of visible functionality, like the underside of a bridge. I consider new places here that offer alternative perspectives to the environment within which they exist.

I make structures and systems that offer access to these spaces. They often resemble scaffoldings, excavations or foundations. I use commonplace building materials; wood, metal and concrete. The materials are used honestly. They do not hide their function and act as a language for navigation of the work. The works are not monumental, instead they are domestic in scale and do not draw attention to themselves allowing the viewer to happen upon them.

Collaboration is instrumental to my practice and I have developed a close working relationship with fellow artists Tanad Williams and Andreas Kindler Von Knobloch, whether supporting each other’s individual practices or working together on formal collaborations. We are currently developing projects together under the name I’m Doing All The Work.